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The image on the left is the original badge of the Royal Institution. It purports to be Minerva the goddess of wisdom and the patron of artists, craftsmen and men of letters. She was also the goddess of war.

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ISSN. 0969-3246

The Swansea History Journal* no. 20 was published
at the Booklaunch in Swansea Museum on 11th October 2012

Each year, THE SWANSEA HISTORY JOURNAL - Minerva contains a selection of articles on Swansea's history and people, as well as local art, ceramics and antiquities.

You could buy a copy now for £7.50.

Copies are available by visiting Swansea Museum, the National Waterfront Museum, Cover to Cover (Mumbles) or the Uplands Bookshop, If, though, you have problems obtaining a copy of the current issue, or of backnumbers, please contact the editor, Gerald Gabb at 38 Woodland Ave., West Cross, Swansea SA3 5LY, tel 01792 613262 or

* Note: The Swansea History Journal – Minerva was formerly titled ‘Minerva: the Journal of Swansea History’.

Why not build up a Minerva collection?. There are still some back numbers available:

Swansea Library have a complete set if you only need to read an article.

Backnumbers 1-14 of Minerva can be read on line on the National Library site.

Contents of all the journals                               Index of the people in the papers

Volume 1 is out of print
Contents of volume 1
Volume 2: very few left The architect Benjamin Joseph Bucknall and his brothers. Emma Talbot's Wedding Dress. W.A.A.F. encampment at Fairwood Aerodrome. John Francis of Swansea.        £1.00p
Contents of volume 2
Volume 3 is now out of print. Photocopies of article on the Ynysmeudwy Pottery available on request. 50p
Contents of volume 3
Volume 4: Celtic Studios stained glass. The suicide of Fanny Imlay Godwin – daughter of Mary Wollstonecraft. The poet James Chapman Woods. Talbot Rice, Vicar of Swansea.        £1.00p.
Contents of volume 4
minerva IV cover
Volume 5 is now out of print.
Contents of volume 5
Volume 6: is out of print
Contents of volume 6
Volume 7: Out of print. Photocopy of update on Mocha Ware available.        20p
Contents of volume 7
cover 8
Volume 8: William Grant Murray – Swansea artist. Ernest Morton Nance – historian of Swansea ceramics. The Bronze Age Marchywel Hoard. W. J. Grant Davidson – Swansea pottery collector. The Kirkland family of Swansea.   £2.00p.
Contents of volume 8
minerva 8 cover
Volume 9: Out of print.
Contents of volume 9
Volume 10 is now out of print.
Contents of volume 10
Minerva 10 cover
Volume 11:
A major article, with full bibliography, on Lewis Weston Dillwyn – 'renaissance' man and botanist. Several articles on the RISW's role in pioneering scientific research in 19th century Swansea. The Sanitary Inspector – public health in Victorian times. Dylan Thomas and the Little Theatre. Teresa Richardson, an intrepid nurse and traveller in the days when most women stayed at home.
Price: £2.00.
Contents of volume 11
Minerva xi
Volume 12 Articles on zinc, Swansea's first Charter, W.M.D. Llewellyn, Jessie Donaldson, Bessie Dillwyn, The log of Jack Crockett and other subjects. £2.00
Contents of volume 12
Vol 12
Volume 13 for 2005 very few left Articles on The Museum in Wartime, The two John Linnards,
Contents of volume 13
Vol 13
Vol 14 for 2006.
Articles on Treasure Trove, Japan Copper, Swansea Jews, Waterpower, The Bensons, the Death Ray and other subjects.
Price £2.00
Contents of volume 14
Mnerva14 cover
Volume 15 for 2007 (ISBN 978-0-9508517-8-5) Articles on The Abolition of the Slave Trade, Henry Fox Talbot, The David Evans Medallions, Women's Lives, Tir John and other subjects
Price £2.00
>Contents of volume 15
Vol 15
Volume 16 for 2008. (ISBN 978-0-9508517-9-2) Articles on the Oyster Industry in South Wales; a painting by Sassoferato for St Mary's Church, paintings of St Helen's House by William Butler and the White Rock Copper Works by Thomas Rowlandson; the Welsh Industries Association; and other subjects
Price £4.00
Contents of volume 16
Vol 16
Volume 17 for 2009. (ISBN 978-0-9563784-0-8) Articles on postcards; Pascoe S.L Grenfell; Swansea Pottery cabaret set; Charles Dixon (artist); The Mumbles Train; Swansea Museum; and other subjects.
Price £5.00
Contents of volume 17
Vol 17
Volume 18 for 2010. (ISBN 978-0-9563784-1-5) is out of print
Contents of volume 18
Vol 18
Volume 19 for 2011 (ISBN 978-0-9563784-2-2) Articles on The Queen of Swansea, The Civic Centre, Two Artistic Padleys, Mumbles Defences, Varnished Etruscan ware and other subjects
Price £7.50
Contents of volume 19
Vol 19
Volume 20 for 2012 (ISBN 978-0-9563784-3-9) Articles on Swansea's early High Street photographers and on Alex Moffatt and the town's first motorists, on the reclamation of the Lower Swansea Valley from its awful industrial dereliction, on early cricket in Swansea and St.Helen's ground, on Plasmarl and its school, on a newly discovered painting of a ceremony by the South Dock in 1852, on wonderful new-found drawings of Swansea people in 1848 and a “new” painting of bombed Castle Street in 1941...and lots more. 120 pages, 104 illustrations, 60 in colour.
Contents of volume 20
Vol 20

To buy Minerva please use the information at the top of the list. To buy books from the bottom list please use the information at the bottom of the list.
A well researched comprehensive survey. Prior to Bryan’s death he generously gave the RISW a box of his books to sell - the proceeds to go to the RISW Funds.
The price of the book is £20 but they can be purchased from Swansea Museum for £15
watermills Dustjacket
W. H. JONES: HISTORY OF SWANSEA AND THE LORDSHIP OF GOWER: Volume 2: From the 14th to the 17th centuries.
W. H. Jones (1860-1932), the well-known Swansea historian, published Volumes 1 and 3 of his History of Swansea during his lifetime, but when he died he left only the printers' proof of Volume 2. This was held in the library of Swansea Museum. In 1992, the RISW published it, with a new introduction and outline biography of the author, to mark the 60th anniversary of his death.
Hardback: ISBN 0 9508517 1 X £3.00
Paperback: ISBN 0 9508517 2 8 £2.00
W.H. Jones cover <
The biography of a remarkable man who was closely involved in Swansea society from 1855 to 1912. He was a leader in Rugby, cricket, politics, church, Freemasonry, shipping, coal, railways, tramways, athletics, YMCA, The Working Men's Club, education, debating, etc. etc. Who could fail to find him interesting?
livingston cover
Jonathan Gray (ed): WELSH CERAMICS IN CONTEXT part 1
The various chapters by leading researchers cover a variety of topics. They include chapters on the potteries, the processes, the artists and the proprietors. For a full list ask at Swansea Museum for an order form. The paperback costs £27.50 and the hardback £39.95.
Ceramics picture
Jonathan Gray (ed): WELSH CERAMICS IN CONTEXT part 2
The various chapters by leading researchers cover a variety of topics. They include chapters on the Cambrian Pottery, decoated earthenware, Welsh Porcelain, The Ynysmeudwy Pottery, The Llanelli Pottery and the Billingsley artists. For a full list ask at Swansea Museum for an order form. The paperback costs £39.50 and the hardback £55.00
ceramics2 picture
To order other publications please ask at Swansea Museum, Victoria Road, Swansea, SA1 1SN (Tel+44 (0) 1792 653763).

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